Scary Teacher 3D

Tell us honestly, did you like school? Perhaps you did like to hang out with friends and goof off at a break. But you were surely bored by tedious lessons and terrified by some of the teachers who seemed to have went to school just to make students tremble with fear. Miss T is just that kind of a teacher. She hates kids and uses any opportunity to scold and punish them. She doesn’t care about anyone in the class learning her subject. The more mistakes students make the more reason she has to take it out on them. And even if your grades are flawless, you won’t escape her anger. That’s what happened to our heroine. Being a smart girl, she did everything she could to ace the exams. But Miss T just couldn’t let that happen. She found a way to make our heroine guilty and gave her the first D in her life. The girl is walking home with tears all over her face. But suddenly she has a brilliant idea. Miss T lives right near her and she can sneak into her house while she’s not home to play a few evil tricks on the nagging old lady! What a great ending of a horrible day! Our heroine hurries to the place of the Scary Teacher to make the necessary preparations.

Although Miss T isn’t married (no surprise, with a character like that) and has no kids (sure, she hates them), she lives in a huge house with 15 rooms. Does she really need so many? The answer comes quickly as you hear noises from behind the closed doors. It turns out Miss T keeps a good dozen of dogs. Maybe she finds animals more attractive than people, who knows. But she clearly prefers their society to communicating with her own kind. All right, here comes the first prank! You open the doors and the dogs rush out howling and barking, overturning and crashing everything in their way. In a few minutes, Miss T’s house is a total mess! But that’s just a beginning. There is a puzzle waiting for you in each of the rooms. You should figure out how to interact with the objects you’ll find there to make the evil teacher’s life even worse. Perhaps you can do something with that big chocolate cake on the kitchen table? Maybe add a few ingredients that will make it taste yacky? Similar missions expect you all over the house. But stay alert, you don’t have a lot of time! Miss T can return any minute, so you must hurry up and finish your agenda before she sets foot in the house and catches you off guard! She mustn’t find out who’s behind it so that you can keep coming to her place and playing even more pranks on her. Let the revenge begin!

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