Scary Teacher 2019

Do you remember a movie called Matilda? It’s about a little girl who was too smart for her own age. We can see that from the scene where a one-year-old heroine spells out her name on a birthday cake. Unfortunately, her parents weren’t very caring. They didn’t give a dime about the girl’s special abilities and were happy to finally get rid of her. But the situation got even worth at school where she encountered a nightmare teacher who genuinely hated children. She enjoyed terrorizing the students and used every opportunity to make their life worse. The heroine of Scary Teacher takes after her prototype from the movie. She is very gifted and loves to study. But her teacher just pretends not to notice it. This horrible woman dubbed Miss T keeps abusing the poor girl and it’s no wonder she gets so fed up with it that she decides to revenge.

The thing is the teacher lives next door and our heroine can access her house while she is absent in Scary Teacher 2019. You need to set traps for her and perform various actions that will make the life in her home unbearable. But you must complete your preparations in a limited timeframe because the teacher might get back and catch you in the act. There are plenty of things you can do to creep the school torturer out. The house consists of 15 rooms, each containing a puzzle for you to solve. You can spill water on the floor so that she slips and falls, or add allergic products to her food, or let out her dogs that will run around the neighborhood with loud barking. The options are plentiful! Just follow the clues and you’ll figure out what to do. The huge interactive house will keep you busy for long hours as you explore it and experiment with the objects found there. The controls are pretty simple, so you won’t have trouble getting the hang of the gaming mechanics.

Although the game belongs to the horror genre, it’s not creepy at all and it fit even for small children. If you have a teacher of that sort in your own school, you will surely be delighted to take it out on the virtual monster with a sullen face and a stupid bun on her head who is waiting for the slightest reason to punish her students! It’s time for one of them to finally teach Miss T a lesson! Venture into the home of the Scary Teacher and make sure she runs out screaming in terror!

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