Scary teacher 3D Episode 2

Remember, when we were kids we enjoyed playing tricks on everyone? Parents, friends, but most of all evil neighbors and teachers we didn’t like. How we enjoyed hearing them yelling and swearing after they got into our cunningly set traps! This game combines two in one and allows you to creep out your most unfavorite school teacher, Miss T! There is an easy way to do it – every day the grumbly old lady goes somewhere and her house is left empty. You also know that she doesn’t have a habit of closing the door. So you won’t have any trouble getting inside and doing your little mischievous business there. But don’t think it will be just so simple! You can use only a few of the many items found in Miss T’s house to make her life as awful as possible. So look around carefully, click on things you see in the room. There are 15 of them, so you have a lot of job to do! But keep your ears sharp, Miss T can get back unexpectedly and see you in her home. Bet she won’t be particularly thrilled with it! You need to handle all the tasks before time runs out or you’ll have even more trouble at school. The colorful graphics and suspenseful atmosphere of the game won’t let you tear away from the screen even for a second! Play Scary Teacher online and show Miss T what it’s like to be the one in a fix!

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