Scary Teacher 3D 2

You probably went to school and remember your teachers. Even if not all of them were very kind, there was surely at least one person whom you didn’t hate or hated a little less than the others, right? So, forget your school years, because now you will find yourself in such an educational institution where everything is bad and frightening – from the atmosphere to the teachers. Your hero is an ordinary girl who doesn’t like to learn very much. And you can understand her, because at school she has just horrible teachers – angry and ready to raise hands at their students for the slightest mistake. Among them is a special teaching maniac. Outwardly, this woman is nothing particularly interesting – already not young, stout, with a weird hairdo. She can pretend to be a normal person. But everyone in the class knows her as an angry frowning fury ready to beat the hell out of careless students. She has been especially harsh towards our heroine. But no it’s time for revenge!

The creepy teacher has moved next door, but she doesn’t suspect you live nearby. You can use that to your advantage to try and scare her just the way she has been scaring you all these years. You can turn her life in the new house into a nightmare and enjoy the show! There are various assignments for you to complete. They consist of setting up traps and playing tricks on an unaware teacher who just won’t understand what’s happening. The old lady also keeps a few pets and you can give her extra trouble by releasing them from the house. The game is perfect for those who love playing pranks and will definitely keep you occupied for a few hours! Play Scary Teacher online and see whether you can beat her in her favorite creeping out game!

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