Scary teacher 3D Episode 3

Scary Teacher is a horror puzzle game challenging you to take vengeance on a school teacher who constantly yells at you and punishes you for every little thing! You’ll play as a schoolgirl leaving not far from Miss T, the antagonist of the story. While the evil teacher is away, you can creep into her house and change a few things there to surprise her when she gets home, though not in a particularly pleasant way. Each room (and there are 15 of them, so there is a good deal of work waiting for you) contains a number of items that can be interacted with in a way that will allow you to play a trick on Miss T. Understanding how to do it is some sort of a riddle, so you’ll need to use your brains a lot. The task is complicated by the fact that you have to hurry up before the teacher returns. Your time is limited and that means you’ll have to think fast and implement your plan even faster. If Miss T sees you in the crime scene, she’ll make a scandal and probably call your parents and you don’t want things to end up with something like that! The whole gameplay is set in a horror style, but the concept isn’t creepy at all, so there are no age restrictions for this game. Venture into Miss T’s home and see what you can do there to make her feel just like her poor students in Scary teacher 3D Episode 2!

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