Scary Teacher 3D Halloween Update

There is a teacher at every school that everyone hates. And not because they are teaching some boring subjects. It’s all about the attitude. The main antagonist of this game is probably the most wicked and mean teacher the world has ever seen. She can’t stand her students and uses the slightest opportunity to punish them. On the outside, she looks just like another unpleasant person. But what if there is a less obvious and more frightening explanation to her behavior? Our hero is about to find out, and not the easy way!

In Scary Teacher 3D Halloween Update, you will get inside your teacher’s house as you walk around the neighborhood trick-o-treating. You didn’t even realize who lived here – all you wanted is just another bunch of candies. When nobody answered the door, you pushed it and stepped into the building. Then the door was locked behind your back and you found yourself trapped! Even worse, you heard your teacher’s voice and understood that you are in even more danger than the characters of all Halloween stories ever told to you!

The angry lady is talking to someone in the living room. You sneak up to take a look and see… a real vampire! You didn’t even know creatures like that actually exist for real. That’s when the whole graveness of the situation occurs to you. The price of your bad manners can be your own life! You have to be very careful and move as quietly as you can in search of another exit or the key to the front door without being noticed. Who knows what they will do to you if you get caught! Maybe they will drain you of blood, and then there will be one less annoying kid for your teacher to deal with in the class…

That’s how your Halloween quest begins! Explore the house remembering about your safety, look through every room, pick up useful objects. If you are attentive and resourceful enough, you can put together all the clues and escape this creepy building. But since it’s not a regular house, you are surely about to unravel plenty of dark secrets and intriguing details about your teacher’s background in the process!

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