Scary Teacher 3D 3

Going to school can easily turn into a hell if one of the teachers take a personal grudge against you. Nobody knows why Miss T is so mad at you. But she is clearly out to get you. She uses any excuse to yell at you, gives you Ds even if your homework is perfect and punishes you for every noise you make in the class. You are fed up with it! But what can a little kid do against a teacher who is much older, much bigger and has much more authority? At fist sight, the situation seems hopeless. But if you think of it, you’ll find a solution! What exactly? There is one advantage you have – you live next door and Miss T isn’t aware of it. You see everything that happens in her house from your window. And you know that every day she goes away for an hour. Time to take some action! Are you ready for some mischief? Then wait for the old lady to leave and head right for her house! It won’t be hard to sneak in through the window. Once inside, you’ll know what to do.

Scary Teacher is a game where you have to play tricks on a grim schoolteacher terrorizing you at the lessons. There are 15 rooms you have to explore and find a way to change a few things in them so that Miss T found herself in a situation that is far from pleasant. Every room has a set of items you can use to set traps for the furious woman. A little tip: Miss T has several dogs and she keeps them locked being afraid they can break something while she is away. The obvious thing you can do is to release them and enjoy the chaos they cause! You can also switch products in her kitchen to guarantee her a stomach-turning meal. Everything depends on your ingenuity and logic. The answer is right in front of you, you just have to find a way to use the objects you see in the room to your purpose. But don’t be too slow, because Miss T will return and disrupt your plans by kicking you out with a big scandal!

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