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Scary Teacher 3D Game Play Online

School years are a hard time for many students. You probably remember all those tons of homework, boring classes and terrible grades with dread. But the worst thing waiting for any schoolboy or girl is teachers. Not all of them are nice. Some seem to have come from your most terrible nightmares. Getting into suspension for failing exams or breaking a window in the principal’s office is one thing, but constantly being yelled at and punished just for the sake of it is no go! Unfortunately, there are teachers who can’t behave around children in any other way. And Miss T, the antagonist of this game, is just like that. Can you put her in her place? Let’s see playing Scary Teacher online!


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Take revenge on the evil teacher!

So, you are a regular schoolgirl who is fed up with her angry and cruel teacher. And after a particularly bitter incident she decides it’s time to fight back. But what can a little girl possibly do against such a crazy old lady who is five times bigger than her and whose word will always count as the final? Well, maybe she is defenseless in the class, but this isn’t the only place the war can break out! Our heroine takes her chance to beat Miss T in her own home. The thing is, the girl lives across the street and has a good view of the evil teacher’s house. She knows when Miss T leaves and when she returns. This small time window is your only opportunity to take vengeance! Wait for the old fury to go away and sneak into the building to play a few unpleasant tricks on her!

Play pranks, set traps and enjoy the show!

The house of Miss T is a big puzzle. There are 15 rooms you have to explore, so don’t waste your time, start right now! Each room hosts a number of interactive objects that you can use to set a nice trap for the brutal teacher. Just look around carefully and click on everything you see to find out what you can do with it. At first, the tasks will be rather simple, but, like in any game, the level of difficulty will keep growing every day. So don’t be surprised to eventually discover that your brain is starting to boil as you walk from one room to another trying to figure out how to make things work!

To accomplish the missions, think logically. Do you see that big chocolate cake in the kitchen? Miss T has probably prepared it to enjoy a piece of sweet dessert in the evening. Well, let’s make sure it isn’t that sweet! Perhaps you’ll find where she keeps salt and spoil her the pleasure? Even if you don’t immediately see the items you could possible use in the context, give it a little though and you’ll know where to look for them. Ready? Let’s proceed upstairs. Can you hear faint squealing and scratch coming form behind one of the doors? It’s interesting what’s there… Hey, what cute puppies! They should be awfully bored sitting there locked all day. Time to let them out to play! In a minute, the house of Miss T will turn into a complete mess!

Don’t forget about time!

And one last, but highly important thing: keep track of time! You don’t have a lot of it, since Miss T can come home any minute. Make sure you finish all the tasks before she shows up in the door or she will catch you and beat the hell out of you! There are plenty of pranks you can play in Scary Teacher, so let’s get started!