Scary Teacher vs Granny

Welcome to a new horror game similar to Hello Neighbor! Only this time you’ll have to get into the house of your schoolteacher to play a few pranks on an unsuspecting old woman. It’s called Scary Teacher and make no mistake, Miss T is a real monster! You have to attend one of her classes to make sure of that. She has taken a particular disliking to our heroine, but she didn’t expect her to make a move in return. The schoolgirl turned out to be a hard nut to crack. At school, she can’t do anything to protect herself from constant nagging and punishing. But when she comes home, quite another story begins. Miss T lives across the street and through her window the girl sees when she leaves the house. The only thing left is to sneak in and prepare a few unpleasant surprises for the angry teacher! Each room is a puzzle and your task is to find the items necessary for your plan to work out. Note that you have to be done before the timer goes off. Then Miss T will show up in the doorway and make you regret that you dared trespassing! Every day there will be a new set of missions waiting for you in the house of your enemy. Give the kid hater a hard time and revenge all the children that ever suffered from the hand of a teacher like that in Scary Teacher vs Granny!

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