We all used to go to school and a lot of memories we have from it are connected with our teachers. Mostly we didn’t like them, although there were some that managed to find a way to our hearts and heads. But Miss T is not like that. The school she works in is a total nightmare for students. Everything here is meant to terrify and terrorize. And it’s no wonder our heroine wants to take her revenge on Miss T so much. All this awful woman does is yelling at her class and even giving way to her hands sometimes. You shouldn’t be a hooligan or an underachiever to get a punishment when she’s in charge. It’s enough to just make her mad and that’s a very easy thing to do. She gets infuriated by everything that has to do with kids. And just today she was particularly rude with our heroine. So the little girl decided that it’s time to fight her back. How she can possibly do it?

Don’t worry, there is a way! Miss T happens to be your neighbor. And you know exactly when she leaves and comes home. While she is absent, you can have fun in her house turning it into a mess and preparing little evil pranks for your unfavorite teacher! There are a total of 15 rooms where you have to set traps for the unsuspecting old lady. Each has a riddle for you to solve. Walk around the room, carefully look at the items you see there. Some of them are interactive and it’s your task to find a way to use them against Miss T. Be inventive and figure out a way to catch the Scary Teacher off guard in a set amount of time!

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