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Nobody really likes school teachers. Especially if they are similar to Miss T. This is a truly creepy woman. She starts each of her classes with a few minutes of yelling and then calls you out to the blackboard to terrorize you until you are barely able to utter a word and puts a thick red D in your notebook. Moreover, she can even use physical punishment for those she finds especially annoying. Our heroine happens to be one of such students. Who knows why Miss T hates her so much, but she is waiting for her classes with dread. It has been going on for years, but now the schoolgirl has had enough and is willing to teach the brute old lady a lesson of her own!

In Scary Teacher, you are about to spoil Miss T’s life by preparing tricks and traps for her inside her home while she is away. The house is pretty big, with 15 rooms to explore and turn into the teacher’s private hell. In each of them, you will find a set of items that can be used to achieve your goal. Think well how to interact with them and try to leave no trace of your presence. You shouldn’t alert Miss T, she mustn’t suspect anything. Nor she must find out who did it. So it’s in your best interest to finish your job within an allotted timeframe and clear out before the owner of the house is back. And after you’re done, you can watch the show from the safety of your window right across the street!

At first, the puzzles will be easy. But every day there will be new and more complicated riddles for you to solve. After all, Miss T will become more alert and won’t fall into your traps that easily. She’ll be expecting something to happen and you must be even more resourceful to make things look like there is nothing to be suspicious of. Playing Scary Teacher online is a lot of fun and you’ll surely get addicted to this amazing game where you can take your vengeance on all the teachers who were ever unjust to you!

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